Seafood Restaurant | 3 Waistline-Friendly Strategies To Enjoy A Delicious Seafood Fare

27 June 2016
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A steak restaurant is great for a deliciously juicy piece of meat, but you have to be prepared to pack on the calories that come with it. If you're looking for a slimming alternative, there's nothing better than enjoying a perfectly marinated piece of fish at a fresh seafood restaurant because fish is high in protein and low in carbs. If you're looking to make the most out of your seafood restaurant visit, follow these strategies to make waistline-friendly decisions before your menu is even given to you.

Begin By Ordering A Seafood Or Vegetable Salad

If you want to enjoy a low calorie, delicious meal, then stay away from the breadbasket and start by ordering a salad. A seafood or vegetable salad with a calorie-free dressing on the side is ideal. This takes away your hunger, but adds high nutrients without many calories. Leafy veggies are ideal accompaniments to seafood because they complement the meat nicely, so you'll enjoy a delectable start to your seafood fare without worrying about your waistline.

Savour The Variety Of Options At The Raw Bar

An authentic seafood restaurant will typically have a raw bar with items like shrimp cocktail, clams, oysters, mussels, seared scallops and salmon. Most raw bar seafood items are high in protein, but low in calories –– exactly what you need. Some even contain healthy omega-3 fats like oysters and salmon –– proving to be healthy and waistline-friendly choices. If you're going to dig into the shrimp cocktail, keep in mind that the dressing is usually high in salt and sugar, so don't overeat it or you'll end up with unwanted calories. Your best bet is to enjoy lean seafood items like salmon, scallops and mussels with a spurt of lemon juice.

Order Baked, Roasted Or Grilled Fish Instead Of Deep Fried

A seafood restaurant will offer a variety of fish options that can be made the way you desire. Health-conscious people should ideally order fish baked, roasted or grilled instead of deep fried because these varieties consume minimal oil and are light on the stomach. Baked, grilled or roasted fish is lean and protein rich, while offering low calories to keep your waistline slim. Fried fish increases calorie and fat intake, especially if you order unhealthy batter fried and breaded fish. Too much deep fried fish will eventually increase your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

If you're looking for a delicious, yet low calorie option, then follow these waistline-friendly strategies when you next visit a seafood restaurant, such as Maisie's Seafood & Steakhouse.