Why Drink Filtered Tap Water Instead of Bottled Water?

25 January 2018
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


More and more people are coming around to the fact the drinking filtered tap water is far better than drinking bottled water, and it isn't hard to see why. From saving money to saving the planet, filtered water is a far superior option. Here are just a few reasons why you should have your water filtered rather than bottled.

Better Peace of Mind

Bottled water is usually branded to make you picture clear mountain springs, but the reality doesn't always live up to the fantasy. Some bottled water comes from such pristine sources, but plenty actually comes straight from the municipal supply. It is then treated and sold on, so it's really nothing more than glorified tap water. Better to use water filters — they are designed to work with municipal water, so you'll know they are removing all the right contaminants.

Enhanced Convenience

People tend to think that drinking bottled water instead of using filtered tap water is more convenient. After all, you don't need to change filters or wait for tap water to come through the filtering system. However, you will need to buy your bottles in the first place. It's annoying to run out, whereas you'll likely never suffer the inconvenience of running out of tap water. Remember, bottled water is heavy, so it's not exactly enjoyable to lug it around during every weekly shop.

Reduced Costs

At first, a good water filter is going to set you back more than a few bottles of water will, but savings are not going to last. You'll only have to buy the main filter jug and container once, and you'll rarely need to buy filters, which are rather inexpensive in any case. In contrast, the cost of drinking bottled water can really add up. A couple of dollars a week might not sound like much, but you'd probably be stunned by how much you would spend over an entire year.

More Eco-Friendly

Perhaps most importantly, drinking filtered tap water is drastically better for the planet than drinking bottled water. When the bottled water is gone, you either throw away or recycle the bottle itself. If you throw it away, it's going to the landfill; if you recycle it, a lot of energy and resources still need to be used. Keep in mind that plastic consumes plenty of resources, including petroleum, just to be made once. It's wasteful to go through all that just for a single bottle of water.

If you buy your own reusable water bottles and fill them with your own filtered tap water, you'll be much happier.