Essential Considerations When Contemplating Event Catering

25 April 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


Catering is one of the elements that can either make or break your party. Having substandard or insufficient amounts of food can lead to disgruntled guests, which leads to an unsuccessful event. On the other hand, a copious supply of delicious food will usually translate into a successful party, as your guests will be happy and satisfied. As such, you may want to put your catering needs in the hands of a professional, even if you fancy yourself a seasoned home cook. Professional event catering is of particular importance if you are hosting a significant event such as an engagement party, an anniversary party, a wedding reception and more. Nevertheless, seeking out event catering services is not just about hiring a company that comes highly recommended to you. You need to bear a few things in mind to ensure that they would be able to meet your expectations. Below are some of the essential considerations when contemplating event catering.

Consider a buffet style service

The first option that you could consider is buffet style service, which would make it easy for you if would like the guests to serve themselves. Buffet style services can also be decentralised, thus allowing you to have various food stations around the venue if you are hosting a large event. These food stations could include having a section for meat carving, a dessert section, a salad section and more. The buffet style of services could also end up being cost efficient for you, as you would not need a large wait staff to care for your guests.

Consider a sit-down service

Another option that you could consider is a sit-down service for your guests. This type of service would be more labour intensive as wait staff would have to bring each guest their meal. However, it is a good way of ensuring that people are not roaming all over the venue so you can concentrate on the festivities at hand.

Consider a speciality menu

One thing to note about event catering is that your food options would be more economical if you are choosing the same type of food for all your guests. However, the more people that you have your event, the higher the chances you will be catering to people with special requirements. For example, if you will have children attending the event, you should have a kids menu included. Moreover, if you have any vegan guests, it would be prudent to have a vegan menu too that will not incorporate any animal products in the food.