How To Cook With Noodles In An Original Way

25 January 2018
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The sort of thing that you might order from your local Chinese restaurant or takeaway, noodles have long been a mainstay of Asian restaurant cuisine. However, these versatile and carbohydrate-rich foodstuffs can be used in many different dishes to great effect – they don't have to be only on the menu when you are cooking. Read on to discover some of the dishes that are suited to noodles which can be used as a great alternative to Italian pasta, bread, potatoes and other carbohydrate sources.

Noodle Bolognaise

Instead of cooking spaghetti separately to your Bolognaise sauce and bringing the two together once they have been prepared in different pans, use freeze-dried egg noodles directly in your sauce. To make a Bolognaise sauce, simply shallow fry a diced onion and brown off some beef mince. To this mixture, add a tin of tomatoes and some tomato purée. Season to taste and throw in some fresh oregano and basil. Now add a little water so that it cooks thoroughly. Instead of boiling your noodles, just add them to the sauce as it simmers. The noodles will give off some of their starches making a pleasantly rich sauce that all the family will enjoy.

Greek Noodle Salad

Although croutons are not an essential part of a Greek salad, many people add them in order to create texture. Along with all the usual ingredients of a traditional Greek salad – fresh tomatoes, diced cucumber, red onion, feta cheese and olive – try adding some previously prepared noodles which have cooled. Wide noodles tend to be best in salads, like this, because they take the dressing better. Once you have mixed your noodles into the dish and tossed the salad, add your olive oil-based dressing and sprinkle in some chopped oregano. The addition of noodles raises this simple dish from a side or starter into a main course.

Irish Stew Noodles

Certainly not something that you would find being served in the Emerald Isle, Irish stew traditionally includes diced beef or lamb with potatoes. However, for people who are not enamoured with the humble spud, noodles make a great alternative. Noodles work well with the other ingredients you will throw into the stew, such as carrots, celery and onions. What's more, they'll stand up to a long time cooking whether you casserole the dish in the oven or finish it off on the hob. What could be more original than that?