3 Considerations To Choose The Right Confectionery Supplier For Your Cake Business

26 July 2018
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If you're in the business of baking cakes for a living, then you'll need to make sure that you find the right confectionery suppliers in order to be as cost-effective and successful as possible. A reliable supplier enables you to provide your customers with products that are high in quality without being overly pricey. Here are some considerations to help you choose the right confectionery supplier for your cake business. Read More 

Paleo ‘no bake’ cake subsitutions

30 June 2016
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A life without cake is a dull life. Even healthy people sticking to a paleo diet can still indulge in cake with a few substitutions. Here are some insights into how cake shops get a delicious cake while using a paleo approach.  Coconut creams and meats The richness of fudge cakes can often be helped with coconut creams and coconut meat. Coconut is a common ingredient in paleo cakes as it has a sweet taste and adds richness. Read More 

How To Choose A Caterer For A Party

6 June 2016
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When it comes to making arrangements for a party, you can save yourself the additional worry and work by hiring a professional caterer to provide the food, leaving you free to enjoy the company of your guests. Decide on your budget and the type of food you want The first thing to do is to decide on how much you have available in your budget to spend on catering.  A nice idea is to provide finger food catering as a buffet so that guests can circulate easily without the formality of seating. Read More 

5 Tips for Selling More Wine at Your Restaurant

11 May 2016
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It may come as a surprise, but Australia's most popular alcoholic beverage is not beer; it is wine. 45.1% of Australian adults drank wine in any given 4-week period in 2015, while only 37.6% drank beer. What if your restaurant's wine sales are not reflecting these stats? Here are some changes you can make to keep your customers happy and boost your bottom line. 1)    Tweak your wine list design A separate wine list may look fancy, but it's not an effective promotional tool. Read More