Paleo 'no bake' cake subsitutions

30 June 2016
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A life without cake is a dull life. Even healthy people sticking to a paleo diet can still indulge in cake with a few substitutions. Here are some insights into how cake shops get a delicious cake while using a paleo approach. 

Coconut creams and meats

The richness of fudge cakes can often be helped with coconut creams and coconut meat. Coconut is a common ingredient in paleo cakes as it has a sweet taste and adds richness. It also has a variety of textures depending on how it is it prepared. Coconut oil is full of short-chain saturated fats, which some people find helps them to control their weight and cravings for less healthy high-fat foods. These can be a very useful to create a faux cheesecake that fits in the paleo diet. 

Nut flours

Paleo followers try to avoid modern processed grains, so many paleo cakes use nut flours which are created by grinding whole nuts such as almond or hazelnut into a powder. The flour is needed to bind the wetter ingredients together and give the cake a traditional, slightly crumbly feel. This product is commonly known as almond meal (or hazelnut meal) and is easy to find at the supermarket if you want to try it yourself. 

Spelt and quinoa flours

Some paleo followers are OK with using grains as long as they are traditional grains and not modern grains which have been selectively bred for higher yields. Spelt and quinoa are two commonly used grains which can also be ground into flour for cakes. These grains are naturally gluten free so they can be a good option for someone who is following Paleo principles due to gut health. 

Fruit and vegetable purees

Fruit and vegetables are an important part of the paleo diet. Using a combination of sweet fruits such as berries with vegetables including sweet potato and carrot can create a tasty mix. These help to make the cake sweet and moist like a traditional cake, as well as adding vitamins and minerals to the mix. 

Chia seeds

These seeds replace the binding effects of eggs and starch in a no-bake cake. Chia seeds swell and create a slightly gelatinous texture, which can be ideal when making a cake bind without cooking. 

If you are looking for paleo cake, why not try your local cake shop. They often have a range of delicious paleo friendly cakes for you to try.